2017 Stellar Award Nominees by Affiliation

Each fall, the RNASA Foundation solicits Stellar Award nominations of space industry workers and teams deserving of special recognition. In 2017, 38 government and 111 corporate nominations were received in four categories, Early Career, Mid Career, Late Career, and Team. "Each company and organization may only nominate a select few people or teams in each category, so just being nominated is quite an achievement," noted Jennifer Devolites, the RNASA Stellar Awards Committee chairman. "The Foundation is proud to bring the outstanding work of all the nominees to the attention of a wider community."

And the nominees are:

a.i. solutions, Inc.

Magnetospheric MultiScale (MMS) Flight Dynamics Team

Aerojet Rocketdyne

Michael Ahlmann - Early Career
Matthew Barber - Mid Career
Laura A. Brozowski - Late Career
Alan F. Davis - Late Career
Matthew Dawson - Mid Career
Kristi B. Hurt - Mid Career
Paul G. Jermyn - Late Career
Alfred N. Little - Late Career
Vaneza Lopez - Early Career
Justin Pucci - Early Career
Dr. Charles V. Seal III - Mid Career
Jason Shapiro - Early Career
Steven W. Spencer - Mid Career
Advanced Space Propulsion - In-space Propulsion for Mars Crew and Cargo Mission Architecture Team
Additive Manufacturing Team (AMT)
Delivery of 100 AJ-60 Flight Motors for Atlas V by Team

Blue Origin

Annamarie Askren - Early Career
Stephen Hobart - Late Career
Gary Lai - Mid Career
New Shepard Team

The Boeing Company

Steven Balistreri - Mid Career
David G. Butler - Late Career
Daniel N. Campbell - Early Career
Kim D. Couch - Mid Career
Dwight Decarme - Early Career
Trevor DeVault - Mid Career
Brandon N. Dick - Mid Career
Clark Kingsford - Late Career
Tim Lohse - Mid Career
Fitzgerald U. Madu - Early Career
Sarah M. Matar - Early Career
Scott R. McIntyre - Late Career
Kelsey M. Moser - Early Career
William A. Pohlchuck - Mid Career
Verbon Blake Sparks - Early Career
Milivoje Stefanovic - Late Career
Kenneth Utley - Mid Career
John B. Vollmer - Late Career
Timothy A. Wade - Late Career
Wendy Whittenberg-Ferrell - Mid Career
David G. York - Mid Career
Genes in Space (GiS) Team
International Docking Adapter Team
International Space Station (ISS) Oxygen Generator Assembly (OGA) Recovery Team
RadSat Team
Space Launch System Core Stage Tank Cyrogenic Seals Team
Space Launch System Systems Engineering, Integration, and Test Mass Properties Team


Jason L. Harvey - Mid Career
Susan R. Winnitoy - Mid Career


Kenneth J. Anderle - Mid Career
Karen J. Dahlman - Late Career
Daryl Ethington - Late Career
Melissa Higgins - Early Career
William D. Manha - Late Career
Peter A. Masi - Early Career
Michael A. Melgares - Late Career
Satish C. Reddy - Mid Career
Joseph P. Sadeski - Mid Career
William H. Schoolmeyer - Late Career
Gregory R. Sherrill - Late Career
Cheryl R. Slyter - Mid Career
Dr. Brad Sutter - Mid Career
John C. Tutt - Mid Career


Juan L. Moreno-Gongora - Late Career
James Scott Young - Mid Career
International Space Station Medical Project (ISSMP) 1-Year Mission (1YM) Team

Lockheed Martin

William J. Edwards - Late Career
Joseph T. Murphy - Early Career
Carolyn Overmyer - Mid Career
Orion Reliability Core Probabilistic Risk Assessment Team

NASA Glenn Research Center

Dr. John C. Thesken - Late Career
Compass Team
European Service Module Structural Test Article (E-STA) Campaign Team
Saffire Team

NASA Headquarters

Michael L. Sarafin - Mid Career
Commercial Crew Harmonization Working Group

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Robert A. Mase - Mid Career
Dr. Marc D. Rayman - Late Career
Dawn Flight Team

NASA Johnson Space Center

Ronald K. Baccus - Mid Career
Jay E. Bennett - Late Career
Jannette R. Bolden - Mid Career
Christie L. Cox - Early Career
Stacie R. Cox - Mid Career
Dr. Jeffrey R. Davis (retired) - Late Career
George K. Gafka - Mid Career
Christina M. Gosling - Early Career
Eameal C. Holstien - Mid Career
James M. Holt - Late Career
Dr. Robert C. Scully - Late Career
William Spetch - Mid Career
Alma Stephanie Tapia - Early Career
Kenneth O. Todd - Late Career
Dr. Sarah L. Wallace - Early Career
Bigelow Expansion Activity Module (BEAM) Team
ISS Materials & Processes Team

NASA Kennedy Space Center

Melissa S. Jones - Mid Career

NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

Charles Les Johnson - Late Career

Oceaneering Space Systems

Joey Edgar - Early Career
Nigel A. Millard - Late Career
Monica L. Visinsky - Mid Career

Orbital ATK

Jeffrey C. Bemis - Mid Career
Mark Ferguson - Late Career
Jeremy Redden - Mid Career
William J. Slade - Late Career
William David Starrett, Jr. - Late Career
Breanne K. Sutton - Early Career
Sean Tully - Early Career
Chelsea Walker - Early Career
Antares Return to Flight Team
Next Generation Cygnus Design Team
Orion Launch Abort System (LAS) Attitude Control Motor (ACM) Team
Saffire Team


Mirka Caro - Mid Career
Dr. Stephen Hoffman - Late Career

Schafer Corporation

Adele M. Luta - Mid Career


Christopher Eby - Early Career
Falcon 9 Team

Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies, Inc.

Mark G. Adams - Late Career
Dr. Kamal S. Ghaffarian - Late Career
David W. Gruntz - Early Career
Jaclyn L. Kagey - Mid Career
Chelsea E. Shepherd - Early Career
Houston, Engineering, Logistics, and Operations (HELO) Organization Airlock Cooling Loop Recovery (ALCLR) Processing Team

United States Air Force

Lt. Col. Richard R. Beckman - Mid Career
Capt. Bryan E. Fanick - Early Career
Thomas H. Freeman - Late Career
Capt. Thurmond W. Jackson - Early Career
Capt. Jason Oh - Early Career
Russell Vela - Early Career
Advanced Missile Warning Technologies (AMWT) Team
Arnold Engineering Development Complex Space Chambers Team
Consolidated Air Force Satellite Control Network (AFSCN) Modifications, Maintenance, and Operations (CAMMO) Source Selection Team
Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle (EELV) Rocket Propulsion System (RPS) Other Transaction Authority (OTA) Team
Global Positioning System (GPS) IIF Team
Global Positioning Systems Operations Support and Sustainment Division
Remote Sensing Exploitation Capability Team
RSLP NASA Orion Abort Test Launch Vehicle Team

UTC Aerospace Systems

Charles E. Bosomworth - Late Career
Stephen Broussard - Late Career
Dale Cloud - Late Career
Jeffery Darmetko - Mid Career
James W. Doten - Late Career
Mark G. Elliott - Late Career
Matthew Feldman - Early Career
Jake Rohrig - Early Career
Mark P. Stoecker - Late Career
Lawrence A. Thomas - Mid Career
Extra Vehicular Activity (EVA) 35 Recovery Team

The citations of the nominees are printed in the annual souvenir program book which is distributed at the banquet and made available online after the event.

The winners are announced at the banquet and through a post-event press release. Visit Stellar Award winners to view photos and read citations from previous years.

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