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RNASA Stellar Award Sample Citations

Please note that the citations are short, just one sentence -- the actual nominations include supporting details and narrative comments.


Here are some examples of well-written citations from previous Stellar Award winners:


Exceptional contributions as the Flight Commander for the first two Vandenberg AFB Delta IV Missions, successfully placing National Reconnaissance Office and Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) payloads in orbit in direct support of the Global War on Terror.


Significant knowledge and expertise resulting in recognition by the ISS program as the ISS expert in numerous program areas, including plasma contactor units, remote power control modules, electrical power system orbital replaceable unit firmware, and NASA’s Java mission evaluation workstation system data gathering and display software.


A history of strong technical ability and leadership resulting in her selection as a flight director in 2005, where she immediately began leading Mission Control in critical activities.


Outstanding technical excellence in development and demonstration of engine throttle technology in support of space exploration upper stage and lunar lander applications.


Unwavering pursuit of innovative approaches to mitigate critical debris sources from propulsion elements and enable the safe return to flight of the Space Shuttle.


Extended, exemplary career advancing technology and furthering NASA’s critical interests in software, robotics, and navigation systems, affecting space missions from Apollo through the return to the Moon.


Performance as a nationally recognized, top-tier program that is pioneering new models for exemplary teaching, training and public outreach, in support of the Vision for Space Exploration.


Exceptional dedication, hard work, and technical excellence in furthering the understanding of nanomaterials and their application to fuel cells, lightweight composites, and carbon dioxide removal systems.

Updated: October 12, 2008

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